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What are Micro-Endorsements?

Rooted in the concept of existing teaching endorsements, leadership Micro-Endorsements are a competency-based approach to building requisite levels of proficiency in leadership of specific skill areas such as subject or pedagogical topics.  The conceptual difference between traditional endorsements and Micro-Endorsements is that each Micro-Endorsement is made up of a cohesive group of micro-credentials, each representing a leader’s demonstration of competence in a single skill.  By completing the series of micro-credentials in a Micro-Endorsement, a leader demonstrates their general competence and qualification in a particular area or topic. 

What Are Micro-Credentials?

Micro-credentials are a form of certification earned by demonstrating competency in one specific area at a time. Leadership micro-credentials are created by educators, based on research, and designed to meaningfully improve instructional practices.

Micro-credentials are earned through a learn-by-doing process, allowing participants to submit evidence from their own practice to demonstrate their skills. What sets BloomBoard microcredentials apart is the depth of instruction, coaching, peer support and rigorous assessment provided.

How do Micro-Credentials Work?

A micro-credential is earned by demonstrating competency in a specific skill via a portfolio of evidence created through classroom practice.
Micro-credentials on BloomBoard follow the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) instructional design framework. All micro-credentials are based on a robust, standardized blueprint, grounded in four areas of instructional efficacy research including, cycles of inquiry, job-embedded supports, rigorously calibrated assessment, and portfolio-based learning.
Best of all, at each stage in the process participants receive one-on-one and cohort-based coaching!


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