Administrator Academy

 Why Micro-Endorsements?

Districts across Illinois are seeing an increased need for strong and consistent leadership practices around school improvement, academic achievement, equity, English language learners, and social-emotional learning. To support this need, the ROE LeadHUBS partnered with BloomBoard’s on-line platform to provide Illinois leaders with a new, rigorous, competency-based professional learning program that builds new skills for school and/or district leadership teams and models research-based best practices.

What are ROE LeadHUBS?

ROE LeadHUBS is a collaboration of IARSS Area Regional Offices of Education, working together to provide leadership support and services to schools and districts all over the state.

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Micro-Endorsement Testimonial

“This micro-credentials series was both effective and manageable – and it was specific to the areas of growth I wanted to improve upon. The guidance was relevant and specific for me, and the embedded learning model allowed me to put my research into action at my school in real-time.”

Michele Frost

Principal, District 204


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