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Each set of Micro-Endorsements (EL, Equity, SEL) have either three or four micro-credentials
that can be bundled along a continuum of time by a district or school leadership team (4-10 participants per school or district). It is strongly recommended that one micro-credential from one set be taken per semester.
For example:

  • Fall of ‘22: Exploring and Deepening an Equity Mindset
  • Winter/Spring of ‘23: Assessing the Current Culture of Equity
  • Summer of ‘23: Leading Systems Chang

Get Ready to Learn

Potential school and/or district teams review the specific micro-credential learning goal, the requirements for effective demonstration of the competency, and a performance rubric. This helps them understand the commitment.

Fill Knowledge Gaps

Teams work towards developing their knowledge and skill. They do this by engaging in a set of activities that are recommended based on the participant’s responses to a self-assessment. Participants can leverage online resources through the BloomBoard platform, receive coaching, and collaborate with other educators.

Build a Portfolio

Participants create a set of artifacts in order to provide evidence that they have met the demonstrated outcomes. In order to do this, participants must practice and implement their skills in the classroom.

Upload Artifacts

When participants are ready, they upload their portfolio of artifacts to the BloomBoard platform.

Get Feedback

After a participant submits their portfolio of evidence, a certified assessor and a certified approver will review and provide concrete feedback to the participant.


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